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Last Updated: 02/05/2014


Date: Thursday, December 16, 2010
To: All Student Employees with Unsubmitted Timesheets
Subject: Your Timesheet is Past Due

Your timesheet is past due.

************************************************************************ Attention: November and December timesheets will be due earlier than normal to accommodate the Holidays and Campus Curtailment.
For more information on the November and December early timesheet due dates, please visit: http://cruzpay.ucsc.edu/News/novdec10timesheets.htm

Late submission or approval may result in late pay - you may not receive your pay until the following month's paycheck.

Please go to the CruzPay website at http://cruzpay.ucsc.edu and click on the slug logo to enter CruzPay to confirm your hours and submit your timesheet right away.  Submitting your timesheet electronically is the process used to finalize your entries and validate for your supervisor and Staff Human Resources (SHR) timekeeper that the entries made are complete, and a true representation of your hours worked.  You need to submit a timesheet even if you have no hours to report for this pay period on a particular assignment; this verifies for your supervisor and timekeeper that you are still working on this assignment and no pay is expected for it this month.

If you are no longer working for the above assignment(s), please contact your timekeeper.  You can locate the timekeeper assigned to your department at the following URL: http://shr.ucsc.edu/contact/locate_team.html

If you are having trouble submitting your timesheet, be sure your pop-up blocker has been disabled.  For more information on allowing pop-ups please refer to the Technical Toolbox at http://cruzpay.ucsc.edu/techtoolbox/popup.html

If you need assistance or believe you have received this message in error, please contact cruzpay_help@ucsc.edu and include a copy of this message.

Thank you.