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Last Updated: 03/13/2013


Dear «First_Name»,

Welcome to CruzPay!

Effective with the April 24-May 23 pay period, paper timesheets are no longer required for your jobs (assignments) included in CruzPay. CruzPay’s functionality allows you to complete and submit your timesheet on-line, as well as allowing your supervisor the ability to approve your time electronically. You will also have the option to print a timesheet for your personal records if you so desire. For more information and detailed instructions on using CruzPay, please see the Student Employee section of the Employee Toolbox, on the CruzPay website at http://cruzpay.ucsc.edu

Submitting your timesheet on-line is easy:

  1. Enter and save your hours worked and/or leave taken during the April 24-May 23 pay period.
  2. On your last working day of the pay period, submit your timesheet by clicking the submit button, and confirm in the “Submit Timesheet” pop-up window.
  3. Confirm that the “Timesheet Submission Success” pop-up window appears, and the process is complete!

Submitting your timesheet electronically is the process used to finalize your entries and validate for your supervisor and your Staff Human Resources (SHR) timekeeper that the entries made are complete, and a true representation of your hours worked. You need to submit a timesheet even if you have no hours to report for this pay period on a particular assignment; this verifies for your supervisor and timekeeper that you are still working on this assignment and no pay is expected for it this month.
If you are no longer working for an assignment, please contact your SHR timekeeper.  If you work for more than one assignment at UCSC, you will be able to enter your hours worked for each assignment that is set up in CruzPay, with each timesheet routing to the appropriate supervisor for approval. If you have any questions about the available timesheets in CruzPay (for example, if you do not see an assignment that you think should be listed) please contact your SHR timekeeper. You can locate the timekeeper assigned to your department at:  http://cruzpay.ucsc.edu/timekeeper.html

Your CruzPay User ID and initial password are listed below. To access CruzPay and enter your timesheet information, simply visit the CruzPay website http://cruzpay.ucsc.edu and click on the “Click Here to Enter CruzPay” link.  This will take you directly to the CruzPay web application logon screen.

CruzPay User ID: «User_ID»

CruzPay Initial Password: «Password»

Passwords are case-sensitive.

CruzPay Password Guidelines

CruzPay passwords will follow UCSC password guidelines. Your CruzPay password must be a minimum of 8 characters in length and contain at least 3 of the following 4 types of characters. You only need one character to match each of the 3 categories you have chosen.

  • lower case letters (a – z)
  • upper case letters (A – Z)
  • numbers (0 – 9)
  • special characters (e.g. @#$]_)

Complete password guidelines can be found in the employee toolbox at http://cruzpay.ucsc.edu If you have any questions about your CruzPay user ID or password, please email cruzpay_help@ucsc.edu

Once you have reset your password, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the timesheet format, especially if you have multiple assignments.

Optimizing CruzPay Use

Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser for CruzPay.  See http://cruzpay.ucsc.edu/techtoolbox/index.html for details.

You will need to allow pop-ups from the domain on which CruzPay is hosted (workforcehosting.com).  For detailed instructions, please see http://cruzpay.ucsc.edu/techtoolbox/popup.html.

The CruzPay engine is maintained to ensure reliable and expedient service.  If you are in need of assistance with CruzPay for any reason, please contact the CruzPay support team at cruzpay_help@ucsc.edu or call 459-3880.

Thank you,

UCSC CruzPay Team